Dear Ashland Visitor;

All lodging establishments on this website are lawfully permitted and licensed under the State of Oregon, Jackson County and City of Ashland laws. Please be very careful when booking vacation rentals online. It is unlawful for owners to rent a house, cottage, or a room for under 30 days in Ashland’s Single-Family residential zones per Ashland municipal code section 18.22.020 ( The primary purpose of this ordinance is to keep the residential areas for the residents.

We would like your Ashland visit to be fun, relaxing and carefree. Ashland offers a wide variety of lawfully permitted short-term (under 30 days) lodging and vacation rentals. You can choose accommodations from small boutique properties such as B&Bs, Inns, Cottages, Houses and Hostels; to larger properties such as Hotels, Motels (

It is important for you to know the facts and understand the risks. With no exception, it is unlawful to rent a vacation home, cottage or even a room for under 30 days in Single-Family residential zones throughout the city of Ashland.  The city of Ashland has stepped up its enforcement efforts and is closing down unlawful short-term vacation rentals. So, please do not risk the potential loss of your deposit and the possibility of having no place to stay!

In addition to potential loss of your deposit, unlicensed vacation rentals are:

  • NOT inspected by the city for Certificate of Occupancy;
  • NOT inspected by the Fire Department;
  • NOT inspected by the Environmental Health Department;
  • NOT properly insured to safeguard you and your belongings;
  • NOT collecting the required lodging tax imposed by the city and state. This tax is used by the city to maintain the community infrastructure for your enjoyment and support cultural venues such as Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

How can you tell if an Ashland vacation home, guest house or B&B is unlawful?

  • No Property Address Listed: If the advertisement does not provide a full street address, ask for it. If they won’t tell you the exact street address, chances are they are unlicensed;
  • Verify Address: If they provide an address, but you still have concerns, contact the city of Ashland Community Development Department at 541-552-2044 to verify;
  • Fake License: Some advertisements might display a permit and/or business license numbers. If you are still suspicious, contact the city at 541-552-2044;
  • The advertisement only shows interior photos: Absence of exterior shots of the property is another way to hide their real location or street address;
  • Hidden Availability Calendar: If there is no availability calendar online, there is a good chance the property is unlawful. Unlawful vacation rentals generally hide their calendars so the short-term bookings are not visible to the authorities;
  • No contact information: If the owner/manager’s name, email and phone number is not listed, the unit is most likely unlicensed;
  • Bait & Switch: Owner provides or advertises a lawfully permitted street address, but when booking, re-directs you to a different rental unit under the presumption of an “up-grades”;
  • Daily and weekly rates offered, but not displayed: The advertisement only displays monthly rates, and asks you to email for other rates;
  • Inconsistent addresses: The address on the rental agreement does not match the actual street address you are directed to;
  • 30-Day Flexible Rental Agreement: You are asked to sign a rental agreement for 30 days, when your actual stay is shorter. You are only charged for your actual stay or promised a refund for the days not stayed.