Ashland Lodging Association is a group of Ashland residents who own and operate hospitality businesses. From home-based lodgings, such as, single rooms, B&Bs, cottages, vacation rentals and hostels to larger accommodations, such as, hotels and motels — all offer legal professionally run lodging.

Through this website, you can find the right lodging accommodations for your visit to Ashland.  Ashland Lodging Association members also offer the best concierge service in Ashland, with extensive knowledge of restaurants, theaters, wineries/breweries, shopping and more. To find your perfect lodging go to our member list.

Our members’ businesses are held to the highest City of Ashland standards, which will help travelers avoid problems sometimes encountered when using online booking services that do not monitor or qualify their lodging advertisers. For more detailed information please go the Travel Advisory. ALA members own licensed, insured and inspected lodging establishments that provide convenient, safe and legal traveler’s accommodations.